Frequently Asked Questions

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Is recruitment only for first-year students? 

No, not at all. Sophomores, juniors and seniors, both continuing and transferring, are welcome to participate. Sorority life has many wonderful opportunities to offer all college women. However, you must have a 2.7 cumulative grade point ratio to participate in Panhellenic recruitment.

What is a legacy? Do I have to be one to join a sorority?

A legacy is a close relative (usually a mother, grandmother or sister) of a member of a particular chapter. Chapters are not required to offer an invitation to a legacy any more than a legacy is obligated to join her relative’s sorority. It is important for a potential member to find a chapter with whom she feels comfortable. If you are not a legacy, this will not hinder your participation in recruitment.


What if I only want to be in a certain sorority? 

While many potential new members enter their recruitment experience with one or a few chapters in mind, it is important to keep an open mind throughout the week. You should not make decisions based on stereotypes or the opinions of others. This is your decision and you should do what is right for you.


Do I have to follow the recruitment schedule and attend all events?

YES! The object of recruitment is to obtain the most information about chapters so you are able to make the best decision. You must attend all events to which you are invited. If you have a conflict (class, practice, etc.) and you are unable to attend, you must let your Pi Chi know as soon as possible. If you choose to skip events, you will be removed from recruitment.

How many Panhellenic chapters are currently active on Clemson’s campus? Which ones are they?

As of Spring 2015, Clemson University is home to 12 Panhellenic chapters. These chapters include: Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Phi, Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Zeta, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sigma Kappa, and Zeta Tau Alpha.


When is formal recruitment at Clemson University?

Formal recruitment at Clemson University is currently held in the fall semester. For 2014, the dates are as follows:

Tuesday, August 19: Orientation at Brooks Center
Wednesday, August 20: Optional Circle of Sisterhood BBQ at Tiger Park
Thursday, August 21: Round 1A (Open house)
Friday, August 22: Round 1B (Open house)
Saturday, August 23: Round 2 (Philanthropy round)
Sunday, August 24: Round 3 (Skit round)
Monday, August 25: Round 4A (Preference round)
Tuesday, August 26: Round 4B (Preference round)
Wednesday, August 27: Bid Day




Aren’t the above dates during the first week of classes? How will I manage class and recruitment?

Formal recruitment at Clemson does take place during the first week of classes. However, this week is “syllabus week,” and generally involves an extremely minimal workload. Should you experience any class conflicts with recruitment rounds, they will be accommodated by the Panhellenic Executive Board.

When and how can I register for formal recruitment? What is the cost?

 Registration for formal recruitment in the fall opens on June 1. You can find the link on our website,, by clicking the “Registration” tab under “Recruitment.”

This will lead you to our online registration process. From July 25 to August 18, normal registration costs $150.00 (cash or credit card).


Are there any specific requirements to register for formal recruitment?

In order to register and be eligible for formal recruitment in the fall, all registrants must hold a minimum 2.7 cumulative, unweighted GPA. Absolutely no exceptions can be made to this rule.


Am I required to send in letters of recommendation? 

At Clemson University, letters of recommendation are not required. However, you may choose to send them in if you so wish! Mailing addresses for each individual chapter indicating where to send recommendation letters are located under the “Recommendation Letters” under “Recruitment.”


What am I required to wear during recruitment? Do I need to go purchase particular articles of clothing?

Clemson University recruitment follows a method called “Values Based Recruitment” and encourages potential new members to wear whatever they are most comfortable in for recruitment rounds! However, we do offer a guideline for clothing suggestions in our PNM Guide, which can be found under the “Recruitment” tab on our website. For first round events in particular, all Potential New Members will be required to wear a T-shirt provided by the Panhellenic Executive Council.


Does Clemson University offer any recruitment opportunities outside of the formal recruitment process in the fall?

At Clemson, we offer Continuous Open Bidding during the fall and spring semesters after the completion of formal fall recruitment. Continuous Open Bidding is a more informal and flexible form of recruitment. However, it is not guaranteed that any specific chapter will participate in Continuous Open Bidding or will be able to extend any specific number of bids, so it is encouraged that all potential new members take full advantage of the formal recruitment process in the fall.